Dialysis Treatment while Traveling

Dialysis and Travel

Vacation and explore. Visit family and friends. It’s all possible, even when you’re on dialysis. Make your travel plans and let the ARA Travel Department handle scheduling your dialysis treatments for you while you are away.

As a complementary service, the ARA Travel Department works with you to:

  • Locate dialysis centers closest to your travel destination
  • Answer general questions about dialysis and travel (placement, shift time, insurance coverage and more)
  • Coordinate all treatment scheduling, including making reservations at dialysis clinics in the U.S. and abroad
  • Handle medical records transfer

ARA has dialysis clinics near some of your favorite vacation destinations, including New Orleans, LA; Newport, RI; Vail Valley, CO; and Phoenix, AZ. ARA also has numerous locations throughout the state of Florida, including Orlando, Tampa, Naples, Jacksonville and Southeast Florida. 

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We’ll help make your travel plans as easy as possible. For more information, or to submit a travel request, contact the ARA Travel Department.

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