Randal Beatty

Randal Beatty

“I have my life back”

Mr. Randal Beatty, University Kidney Center Hikes Lane


In April 2010, Randal Beatty was diagnosed with end stage renal disease (ESRD). The diagnosis came as a surprise, and, Mr. Beatty admits, he kept praying for a miracle.

“I heard all those stories about how people feel during dialysis and I didn’t want to deal with it,” said Mr. Beatty. “I didn’t want to lose my freedom and I certainly didn’t want to feel sick all the time.”

So for three years, he waited, hoping to find his miracle. But by August 2013, he knew he waited too long.

“Before my first dialysis treatment, I could feel myself pulling away from everyone, especially my family. I didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything and I was sick all the time. I realized at that point that how I was feeling was exactly what I wanted to avoid.”

He began his in-center dialysis treatments with American Renal Associates (ARA) at University Kidney Center in Louisville, Kentucky in August 2013 and transferred to another local ARA facility – University Kidney Center Hikes Lane – in May 2014 since it was closer to his home.

“In a short time, dialysis completely changed me,” he said. His health improved, along with his confidence, encouraging him to start driving himself to and from treatments. Not only did this give him a renewed feeling of independence, but a strong sense of accomplishment, as well.

Now 67 years old, Mr. Beatty says he can do everything he did before, including keeping up with his two granddaughters, playing basketball, among other hobbies, and going on family vacations. In fact, with the help of ARA’s Travel Department, Mr. Beatty can travel stress free. Though he admits traveling while on dialysis can be intimidating, he explained, “All I had to do was show up. ARA’s Travel Team took care of everything.”

Receiving a diagnosis of ESRD can be challenging, but Mr. Beatty’s advice is to take a step back and see dialysis as the miracle it is.

“It took me three years to realize that dialysis was the miracle I was waiting for. I was an extremely sick individual and just a few months on dialysis completely changed me. I don’t know why I waited as long as I did. I could have been enjoying life for the last few years rather than staying home sick. And I honestly haven’t been sick since I started my dialysis treatments!”

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