John Baguchinsky

John Baguchinsky

“Dialysis Doesn’t Have to be Scary”

Mr. John Baguchinsky, ARA-Naples South Dialysis Center

John Baguchinsky has been a dialysis patient for eight years, and he admits the first year was incredibly hard. Initially starting treatments at a facility (which is no longer in operation) that required a more than 50-mile round trip, he found himself frustrated and sick.

“I felt like no one was really listening to me,” said Mr. Baguchinsky. “I started with Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) treatments then switched to in-center hemodialysis, but regardless of the modality, I found dialysis to be painful. I dreaded treatments.”

One day, he drove past the sign for ARA-Naples South Dialysis Center in Naples, FL and decided to take a look. He was greeted by the staff as soon as he walked in and was given a tour of the facility. In those few minutes, Mr. Baguchinsky realized dialysis doesn’t have to be scary. He transferred to Naples South in 2012.

“I could see and feel the difference in patient care immediately. Dialysis can be intimidating for a lot of people, but when you have well trained staff who really care for their patients, like the group at Naples South, it makes a huge difference, both physically and psychologically,” he said.

This is seen in everything the staff does for their patients. Mr. Baguchinsky explained that, as a one-car household, he needs to drive his wife to and from work. This created a challenge regarding his availability for treatment. So, the staff created a treatment schedule for him that aligned with his daily schedule to ensure making it to treatment wouldn’t be a problem.

“They really go out of their way to make your dialysis experience better. One simple change – like adjusting the size of the needle they used – significantly reduced the pain I previously felt. And even the nephrologists stop and listen. You’re not just a checkmark on their to-do list; they actually sit with you, answer your questions and give you advice. I can’t say enough about ARA and how the facility is run.”

Now almost 70 years old, he says his experience at Naples South has changed his view of dialysis.

“You drive by all these dialysis facilities in Florida and see all these signs and think they’re all the same. But the truth is they’re not. Whenever I see a new person at Naples South, I tell them ‘Stop shopping. This is the place to be.’”

UPDATE: In March 2017, Mr. Baguchinsky received a kidney transplant. He said, “The folks at ARA kept me alive to get this new chance on life, and it means so much to me, my friends and my family. And the whole team at ARA has been sending me cards and letters; ARA really cares about each of their patients.”

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