Carol Sykes

Carol Sykes

Putting the Patient First

Ms. Carol Sykes, ARA-Naples South Dialysis Center

Carol Sykes has been through it all. She was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 30, underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 1999 and was diagnosed with ESRD in 2009. She started in-center hemodialysis treatments at a facility not far from home, but was frustrated with the quality of care. 

“It didn’t matter if you arrived on time for your 6 a.m. chair time; you could end up waiting to get started until 7 or 7:30 a.m.,” said Ms. Sykes. “And once you were hooked up, the technicians just left you alone and didn’t come back until you were done. I really didn’t like that.” 

In 2011, she got very sick and spent some time in the hospital. While there, she met with a different nephrologist who suggested she take a look at ARA-Naples South Dialysis Center. She decided to visit the facility and from the moment she walked in the door, she knew this was a better fit. She transferred to the facility shortly thereafter.

“Everyone was so friendly and it was obvious that the entire staff really cares about every patient. I knew this was the place to be,” said Ms. Sykes. “The staff spends time with every patient, and they really pay attention to – and listen to – the patient they’re working with.”

The importance of this quality of care given to each patient became a literal lifesaver for Ms. Sykes in early 2017 when, during one of her treatments, a technician noticed something shiny near her access site.

“He pointed it out to me and said, ‘I think that’s part of your stent. You need to get that checked out,’ but I didn’t believe him,” said Ms. Sykes. “He was adamant that something wasn’t right and I needed it looked at. He called another technician over and she reiterated what he said. They actually went as far as to schedule an appointment for me so I could have it looked at the same day.”

According to Ms. Sykes, it was, in fact, her stent, which required the access site to be reconstructed. If it had gone unnoticed, it could have resulted in Ms. Sykes bleeding out.

Throughout every obstacle Ms. Sykes has faced, she maintains an incredibly positive attitude, one that she says is the result of the great care she gets while at her dialysis treatments.

“If it wasn’t for the staff at Naples South who take such good care of me, I don’t know where I’d be today! They always put the patient first.”

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