Patient Stories

“I have my life back”

Mr. Randal Beatty, University Kidney Center Hikes Lane

In April 2010, Randal Beatty was diagnosed with end stage renal disease (ESRD). The diagnosis came as a surprise, and, Mr. Beatty admits, he kept praying for a miracle.

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“Watch What I Can Do”

A patient’s transformation at DeSoto Regional Dialysis Center

A female patient in her mid-50s was brought into DeSoto Regional Dialysis Center to begin her admission process. Ms. Patricia Garcia was wheelchair-bound, weak and very sick, diagnosed with both ESRD and end stage liver disease. 

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“Dialysis Doesn’t Have to be Scary”

Mr. John Baguchinsky, ARA-Naples South Dialysis Center

John Baguchinsky has been a dialysis patient for eight years, and he admits the first year was incredibly hard. Initially starting treatments at a facility (which is no longer in operation) that required a more than 50-mile round trip, he found himself frustrated and sick.

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Maneuvering the changes that come with dialysis

Ms. Sheryll Wyman, Kidney Center of the Rockies

Sheryll Wyman was 65 years old when she was diagnosed with kidney disease as a result of high blood pressure. She worked closely with her nephrologist to manage it, but six years later at the age of 71, she needed to start dialysis.

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Putting the Patient First

Ms. Carol Sykes, ARA-Naples South Dialysis Center

Carol Sykes has been through it all. She was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 30, underwent quadruple bypass surgery in 1999 and was diagnosed with ESRD in 2009.

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“It’s just a lifestyle change.”

Ms. Sharon Cauthen, Spartanburg Dialysis

In 2013, Sharon Cauthen received her catheter to begin peritoneal dialysis (PD). But her story doesn’t start there. 25 years prior, she was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), a genetic disorder that results in the growth of cysts in the kidney. These cysts can cause the kidneys to be abnormally sized and, overtime, reduce kidney function.

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From Strangers to Family

Mr. Remond Ellis, Schererville Dialysis Center

In September 2016, Remond Ellis suffered a stroke. He was fortunate in that he seemed to recover quickly, but something just didn’t feel right. Two months later, he was diagnosed with kidney failure and started dialysis treatments.

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