ARA Job Recruitment Scam Notice

American Renal Associates (ARA) has been made aware of several job recruitment scams occurring both within the United States and abroad wherein unknown third parties who are not affiliated with ARA have fraudulently represented themselves as ARA job recruiters and ARA human resources personnel.

The individuals behind these scams post fake ARA job openings, “phish” for job seekers’ contact information via job search platforms (including those that are state-run), proactively contact job seekers with job opportunities at ARA that do not exist, attempt to conduct “job interviews” electronically (specifically via text message, e-mail, and Google Hangout), and have been reported as sending advance payments to “work from home” candidates for the alleged purpose of assisting the “work from home” candidate with the setup of his or her home office.

Please note that American Renal Associates does not offer “work from home” positions at this time. Please also note that American Renal Associates does not conduct job interviews via Google Hangout, text message, or e-mail.

Please be extremely cautious if you are contacted by anyone purporting to offer any of the above. The scams that have been reported thus far appear to be designed to obtain job seekers’ personal and/or financial information.


  • All official job communications from ARA are sent from an e-mail address ending in
  • All official online job postings from ARA will link back to the ARA careers website and/or the ARA job search portal (currently run on an ADP platform)
  • ARA will not ask for sensitive personal information or an applicant’s willingness to complete a background check by phone, e-mail, text message, online “chat” application, or at any time prior to the applicant’s acceptance of a formal job offer. When this information is requested from a job applicant who has accepted a formal job offer from ARA, it will be requested in connection with ARA’s formal internal onboarding process

Our Commitment To You:

At ARA, we pride ourselves on the quality and commitment of our staff. As such, we strive to uphold the highest standards of professionalism when recruiting, interviewing, and ultimately adding people to our team.

If something about the ARA job application process seems suspicious to you, or if you suspect that someone is fraudulently representing themselves as an employee of or recruiter for ARA, please e-mail and include as much information as possible about the communications you have received.

For qualified job seekers who would like to pursue a career with ARA, we welcome your application for any of our official job openings posted on our careers page.