Delivering quality dialysis care to patients across the country.


American Renal Associates (ARA) is one of the largest dialysis services providers in the United States. We provide high quality patient care to patients suffering from the most advanced stage of chronic kidney disease, known as End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD).

Since our founding, ARA has been the pioneer in physician partnerships focused on providing excellent patient care. Today, we are proud of our successful track record working with leading nephrologists around the country. We continue to expand our network of dialysis centers and improve more lives each year.

American Renal Associates Office

How we operate

ARA partners with local nephrologists to develop, own and operate dialysis clinics. Our Corporate office in Beverly, MA is led by experienced staff who provide best practices management services to our clinics and physician partners. We are proud of our track record of delivering exceptional results.

ARA at a Glance

As of March 31, 2019

American Renal Associates operates 243 dialysis clinics in 27 states and Washington D.C., serving more than 17,000 patients with end stage renal disease in partnership with approximately 400 local nephrologists.


Our Core Values

Our operating philosophy is embodied in our Core Values. These beliefs drive our organization and bring purpose to what we do each and every day.

  • Take good care of the patients and the financial success will follow.
  • Enable the nephrologist to practice as he/she sees appropriate.
  • Provide the nephrologist the autonomy to make operational decisions.
  • Acknowledge that facility staff members are a critical and valuable asset. Do everything possible to hire and retain the best possible staff.
  • Listen to the practitioners and provide the tools needed to take excellent care of their patients.
  • The Corporate office works for our staff, our doctors and our patients.

The ARA difference

The evolving healthcare services market demands high quality patient care and physician-centered care management, as well as continuous clinical and administrative improvement and efficiency. At ARA, that’s exactly what we offer.

  • Our focus on patients and our commitment to high quality care drives strong clinical outcomes and high patient satisfaction.
  • Our reputation, differentiated focus on the partnership model and operating philosophy attracts high quality nephrologists.
  • Our experienced team, low staff turnover and innovative culture deliver operational excellence.

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