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Nutrition and Diet

Kidney Disease, Why Nutrition Matters

Your kidneys act as a filter in the body removing excess waste and fluid, to keep our bodies working right and feeling healthy. As your kidneys lose function, they are unable to balance the build up of waste products and fluid causing illness and the need for dialysis.

Dialysis is effective at removing most waste and fluids but it is also necessary to modify what you eat and drink. Common nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium and calcium in the wrong amount can become dangerous. Dialysis is also very demanding on your body which increases your need for energy and quality protein.

Eating well and knowing what foods to limit can help you feel better and avoid complications of kidney disease. The basics of a “renal diet” are generally the same, although our physicians and dietitians recognize that each person with kidney disease is different. In our clinics we individualize diet recommendations to fit your needs to improve your quality of life.


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